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June 2005-- SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!! Yay!!!
Also, I just went on a rafting trip which was very fun. In a few weeks we are going to Colorado.
The "About Me" page, the viewer gallery and the links page are all finished... I'm still working on the other pages.
July 5 2005-- I got braces last Thursday! Ahhh!
August 1 2005-- We got back from a fun trip to Colorado a few weeks ago. We had a lot of fun with our cousins.
Last week my friend Corinne and I went to YMCA Camp High Harbour. We did kayaking, photography, riflery, and other cool stuff. We had a blast!
Two days ago we moved from our house to an apartment. We will be going to a new house but we haven't finished renovating it. It's in the same neighborhood as our old house but it's bigger and on a much better lot.
In a few weeks we are going to Alaska on a cruise!
October 7 2005-- We went on our Alaska trip and it was really cool. Some of the highlights were whale watching and going on a helicopter ride to a glacier.
Also a few weeks ago I went on a Scuba Diving trip for school. It was awesome. We saw tons of beautiful fish and even got to dive in a shipwreck and swim with dolphins!
November 26 2005-- Right now I am at the Kanuga Conference Center in North Carolina. It's lots of fun. They have a climbing tower, arts and crafts, and other cool activities. Plus the food is really good. We spent Thanksgiving here. Our cousins are here too.

December 14 2005-- School gets out for Xmas break on Friday!!! Yay!!! We haven't moved into the new house yet... but I have put some clothes and stuff in there and made up my bed and stuff. Hopefully we are moving in this weekend. I will post some pix ASAP.

Also we are going to California for Christmas. Our cousin is having her debutante ball. I have to go, but I get to wear a pretty purple dress. 

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